Headshot/Portrait Photographer

Headshot Crew Mentor for Peter Hurley

info at jekuarce dot com

Serving the DC, Maryland, and
Northern Virginia areas

Based in Northern Virginia 

Working as a nurse has given Jeku Arce the ability to develop a rapport with anyone quickly. His passion for photography uses the same skill set. Trained in New York City as a headshot photographer under Peter Hurley, Jeku easily walks between both worlds from coaching high ranking military officials to up and coming actors/actresses. Jeku’s talent as a photographer and his knack for putting his subjects at ease before and during the session produces remarkable results for everyone.

Jeku has also worked for the U.S. Army as a Public Affairs Officer managing public affairs operations, communications, and strategies. He has also coordinated and liaised with NATO, multi-nation military public affairs organizations, and mass media agencies. 

Jeku’s work is seen in government publications, medical journals, and mass media agency publications. Examples of published work can be found here

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