Freemod Design X-Cap2 for Fujinon Lenses

Lens caps. I hate losing them along with rear lens caps. They are a pain to replace while traveling and thinking about protecting your gear doesn't give you peace of mind.

I first heard of Freemod Design X-Cap2 from Fujirumors. This lens cap can be mounted in front of your lens with a retractable lens cover.

Google translates the company's description as follows:

"This product is a general-purpose lens cap to be used by being attached to the filter thread frame. The aluminum curtain opens by pulling out the tip part of the attached lens cap, which is characterized by the structure that it closes when it returns."

This feature would be a great solution to my forgetfulness in remembering where I place my lens caps on the go. 

From the company's website the compatibility of lenses includes the Fujinon 23mm F2 WR and the 35mm WR F2, but not the 50mm F2 WR. The 23mm F2 WR and 35mm F2 WR use the 43mm thread X-Cap2 with no issues. After attaching the 46mm thread X-Cap2 to the 50mm F2 WR I found that there are no issues with vignetting - X-Cap2 work just fine with the 50mm F2 WR. 

One potential issue with the the X-Cap2 is that it protrudes wider than the front of the lens. I could see it catching on the side of my bag as I put the lens in and out of the pouch. The structure is made of aluminium and plastic that holds well together. Only time will tell how long it will last.

One hinderance is that with this X-Cap2 no filters or lens hoods can be used with it. I'm used to having my lenses with lens hoods. This will take some getting used to. 

You can purchase the lens cap here: Freemod Design X-Cap2 site

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