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Peak Design Field Pouch for Fujifilm X-T2

The Peak Design Field Pouch is a small portable pouch that can be a great all day travel bag for mirrorless camera systems.

I've been trying out different camera bags to find out what's the best way to decreased my amount of stuff I carry. I've found out the less stuff I bring the happier I am when traveling or shooting the streets. 

This Field Pouch has six pockets total. I've hacked the zipper pocket to combine two small pockets into one larger pocket for larger items. You can see this hack in this video.

I have the Peak Design straps to carry this pouch, but I'm looking to carry this on my hip with its belt loops. I believe this will be sturdier than the straps when carrying my Fujifilm X-T2 and prime lens. 

In the pouch I can carry my Fujifilm X-T2 with a lens on the Capture Clip, two primes in the pouch, a USB battery charger, extra Fujifilm batteries, a lens cloth, and miscellaneous charging cords. The three lens set up I bring is the Fujinon 23mm F2 WR, 35mm F2 WR, and the 50mm F2 WR. 

I do like how there's a slot between the pockets that hold my prime lenses to hold a lens while I change lenses. This makes it a safe workflow for changing lenses on the fly without trying to juggle a camera body and two lenses.


- Small enough to fit around your body, big enough for a mirrorless system.

- Multiple pockets and two stretch pockets to hold small lenses.

- Able to use a strap or belt loop to carry the pouch.

- Expandable pouch in case you fit larger items in the pouch. Can be compact for storage.

- Capture Clip attachment to hold a camera. 


- Small pockets. Had to hack a pocket to make a larger pocket for larger items.

- Not sturdy. Be careful when tossing this pouch around with items inside as the material is not very cushioned. 


I'm looking forward to using this pouch as a small travel day pack with limited amount of gear. It's refreshing to carry less and focus on seeing what's around when I travel.

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